IFB is one of the most trusted brands in India. They provide the best qualitative home appliances. They provide home appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens. They are the products which we regularly use in the home. They are providing these products in the budget range, expensive range, and cheaper range. The different product proceeds to different types of functions. The washing machines are mainly used for washing the clothes it provides a wonderful experience of washing clothes in machines then hands. The usage of washing machines is rapidly increased. No one wants to wash the clothes with hands it is a more difficult task for any human being. So, many people are nowadays showing interest in buying the washing machines. IFB service center customer care about us in Hyderabad  And another product called microwave oven the microwave ovens is used for reheating the food items. The microwave ovens are mostly used in hotel bakeries and homes. Microwave ovens are used to cook delicious food items. There are a few types of microwave ovens that are there.

IFB washing machine types

There are mainly four types of washing machines are there they are 

Top load washing machines:

These washing machines are the cheapest model among all the other washing machines. These washing machines contain very less features comparing to front load washing machines. This provides a decent washing to the clothes. These washing machines have less capacity which only suitable for small families. It can’t do all the washing machines work automatically however it requires human help. This is also known as the entry-level of the washing machines.

Front-load washings machines:

The front-load washing machines are the best washing machine it is suitable for middle-class people. It is a budgeted washing machine that providing the best features to the users. It is suitable for large and small families also.  It is very comfortable in size and style. It consumes less electricity to run the washing machine. These are the most using washing machines in this generation.

Semi-automatic washing machines:

The semi-automatic washing machines are advanced washing machines. This washing machine contains many advanced features and many automatic features this consumes very little electricity. IFB service center customer care about us in Hyderabad This is a more expensive product comparing to front load washing machines. It takes very less water to wash clothes. This is the best washing machine manufactured by IFB.

Fully automatic washing machine:

The fully automatic washing machines are the best washing machine comparing with all other washing machines. This is the most expensive washing machine. Generally, the semi-automatic washing machines contain only some automatic features but these fully automatic washing machines are coming with complete automatic features. This runs the complete washing machine automatically without any human interventions. This provides a wonderful washing experience for the customers. It consumes less electricity and water to wash clothes.

Features of IFB washing machines:

360degree wash:

This technology provides the 360⁰ wash drum motion. Which the inside cloths rotate 360⁰. They are provided water spray out technology which the water directly comes from the nozzles with pressure which goo deeper inside the clothes this helps to remove the hard dirt from the fabric.

O2 wash:

This is the best technology provided by IFB washing machines. This o2 wash provides the millions of bubbles which mixed with detergent. These bubbles inside the drum play an important role to remove the dirt stains from the fabric. The bubble wash doesn’t make any damage to the cloths because bubbles are having a soft surface.

Turbo wash 2.o:

 Generally, the turbo wash gives the tough washing to the cloths. This turbo won’t accept dedicated clothes. But this is the upgraded version of the turbo wash it is turbo wash 2.o. this can give the safety wash for the clothes with the safety drum. In this drum, they provided get spare mechanisms that sprinkle the water over the cloths with detergent. This drum rotates the opposite side of normal washing machines.

Inverter + direct drive:

The normal old washing machines come with a fixed speed for any kind of load. But these new IFB washing machines are coming with the inverter + direct drive which runs the washing machine according to the load inside the washing machines. This technology also reduces the noise of the washing machine. The direct drive means the motor directly provided to the machine which doesn’t require any help of the belt. IFB service center customer care about us in Hyderabad  This saves electricity consumption.

Microwave oven features:

The microwave ovens are used for reheating the food items. The washing machines are mainly three types they are

Solo microwave oven:

The solo microwave ovens are known as the starting level of the microwave oven. It is a normal microwave oven that is just used for reheating, defrosting the food items and drinks. This microwave can’t cook all kinds of food. This is used for just emergence purposes. This is very low in price comparing to all other microwave ovens.

Grill microwave oven:

The grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version of the solo microwave oven. They provided the grilling option to the microwave oven. They provided the grilling accessories to grill the food items like meat and vegetables. This is the best microwave oven this is also suitable for home usage also. These are mainly used in bakeries.

Convection microwave oven:

The convection microwave oven is the most advanced microwave ovens comparing to all other microwave ovens. It contains all the features of solo and grills microwave ovens. They provided the different levels of temperatures so we can set the temperature level accordingly to the food items. They have also provided a security option called child lock to keep the microwave oven away from the children’s. they also provided the digital touch display which is very easy to clean.

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We have the best skilled and experienced technicians. They do all major and minor repairs of your product. We provide all original spare parts to the product if it requires only. We provide the service of 24 hours to the customers. And provide the service at doorsteps at affordable prices. IFB service center customer care about us in Hyderabad Our customer care service will provide complete information about our service. We only do the service of out of warranty products only. Comparing with other services we charge very less. We have a good reputation for our service. We are one who provides the most qualitative services to the customers. Our technician will provide quick service to the customers. We follow all covid19 rules and take all precautions before going for orders. Our technicians will be 100%  available on any street in Hyderabad.


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